They added DINOSAURS to Fortnite! (Raptor Update)

Today we get Raptors in Fortnite - Poggers
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  1. Ufuk Erzik

    Ufuk ErzikПре 3 дана

    The thumbnail tho

  2. TRZ AsvyFN

    TRZ AsvyFNПре 6 дана

    Your still a ai

  3. Xander Charles

    Xander CharlesПре 13 дана

    It’s not a balling it’s a cloack

  4. Campbell Pead

    Campbell PeadПре 22 дана

    Its kind of a shame lachy has 14mil subs but only a million people watch the videos over a months time

  5. Rock Mihai Videograf camera

    Rock Mihai Videograf cameraПре 28 дана

    Hi, bro

  6. Landen Ashley

    Landen AshleyПре 28 дана

    I have subscribed and bought your skin

  7. Jurassicgamer

    JurassicgamerПре 29 дана

    chickens are relatives of the T Rex actually

  8. Gustavs31

    Gustavs31Пре месец

    Hallo! Lachlan good skin

  9. Jason Derr

    Jason DerrПре месец

    Jk ur Gud @ fortnite.

  10. Jason Derr

    Jason DerrПре месец


  11. BOT DE PS4

    BOT DE PS4Пре месец


  12. lol gamer Alderson

    lol gamer AldersonПре месец

    I don’t say there dead I say they just wanna play with each other 😂

  13. Zain Kholi

    Zain KholiПре месец

    I miss og fortnite

  14. paris anderson

    paris andersonПре месец


  15. Dragos Ciobanu

    Dragos CiobanuПре месец

    Every raptor dies in the storm after 10 seconds

  16. Kelly-ann Holworthy

    Kelly-ann HolworthyПре месец

    The rapters die within 10 sec in the storm

  17. Rblx Gamer

    Rblx GamerПре месец

    When they added dinosaurs 🦕 to fn I haven't been playing dk y

  18. BradyTheGamingRex

    BradyTheGamingRexПре месец

    I noticed you’re using fresh’s old fight music

  19. Cobra

    CobraПре месец

    My. Name is. Lochlan. To!

  20. Ninja Gamers

    Ninja GamersПре месец

    Which is good Roblox or fortnite Hmm idk

  21. NukeZoned

    NukeZonedПре месец

    why is this vid so saturated... I know I'm not trippin

  22. GrönStudios

    GrönStudiosПре месец

    2:40 thunder Smg lol

  23. Karlee Johnson

    Karlee JohnsonПре месец

    You are my favorite youtube 🥇

  24. Karlee Johnson

    Karlee JohnsonПре месец

    I no your kunction

  25. Ashton Oldfield

    Ashton OldfieldПре месец

    Charzard is coming only the ogs will remember chameleon and charmander

  26. Ashton Oldfield

    Ashton OldfieldПре месец

    Lachlan will finally get a raptor pack

  27. Void

    VoidПре месец


  28. alif hasan

    alif hasanПре месец

    Bois I had a dream last night, with my current skill being a decent player, I travelled back in time to season 3, destroyed ninja, destroyed tfue, destroyed the TSM brothers, destroyed everyone. Nobody could stand a chance against me.... but sadly it was unfortunately a dream :(

  29. Alice Dollman

    Alice DollmanПре месец

    Lachey ur such a idiot for lieing to fresh he never said that fresh lost his sweatiness if anything u have no skill

  30. Chrome Yt

    Chrome YtПре месец

    And now they wont

  31. The Muscat’s

    The Muscat’sПре месец

    Sci-fi never said rice is better than him you lied

  32. Cameron Coyle

    Cameron CoyleПре месец

    Congrats u found this comment it means ur gay

  33. CatcherPlays Yt

    CatcherPlays YtПре месец

    You missed the minis in the rare chest

  34. Red and Whites22

    Red and Whites22Пре месец

    I hate this game now...hope they remove the dinosaurs and the other random hunters

  35. Shaan B

    Shaan BПре месец


  36. Tahmaseb Razavi Varnamkhasti

    Tahmaseb Razavi VarnamkhastiПре месец

    Please start playing Minecraft or something else again. I feel your channel needs some variety as its is ONLY Fortnite for the past 3 years 😔variety in games would being more viewer 100%

  37. AimeeAimee KnuthKnuth

    AimeeAimee KnuthKnuthПре месец

    How cool does that look 2:25 we get our5,000𝗩𝗯ucks I only from : 𝐟𝐧𝐛𝐨𝐱.𝐮𝐬 👍 ପାଇଁ

  38. Emil Odobasic

    Emil OdobasicПре месец

    Finally he has the best skin ( Rex skin )

  39. Viraj Blade

    Viraj BladeПре месец

    You killed me


    JULIAN FORDПре месец

    Fun fact if you box your dinosaur and put a Door sometimes they will open it

  41. darrian

    darrianПре месец

    bro chickens are descendants of the t-rex not the raptor

  42. Ewan Green needs a sandwich

    Ewan Green needs a sandwichПре месец

    Who remembers when lachy didn't know what a 90 was😞

  43. V Gaming

    V GamingПре месец

    Lachy’s facts are wrong it’s T-rex

  44. Tresa Floyd

    Tresa FloydПре месец

    Hey lachy im 5 can you add me I have no skins and my real name is mason I’m on my grandmas account

  45. Walter Gang

    Walter GangПре месец

    Wheres barney

  46. Buddy24/7

    Buddy24/7Пре месец

    you can hold the ball thing and you can get super jump

  47. Qylon

    QylonПре месец

    why cant we ride them what the point of having them it we can ride them and i right

  48. Grapes4two

    Grapes4twoПре месец

    The real reason dinosaurs went extinct: 4:56

  49. She Rex Gram

    She Rex GramПре месец

    DINO POWER!! 🦖 SheRexGram here saying Hello and Liking your awesome content! 🦕 🦖

  50. Jonathan Ortiz

    Jonathan OrtizПре месец

    It’s actually disgusting how people actually still play and was gameplay of this pussy game. It’s been dead for ages

  51. Dominic Burney

    Dominic BurneyПре месец

    Today is come out I’m a king of. Fog of war with ninja

  52. Deadnoob282

    Deadnoob282Пре месец

    As i saw in the tumbnial it seas new raptors what about the old ones?

  53. K G

    K GПре месец

    It’s not da raptors that chickens are close to or relatives to its da t-Rex

  54. Vlad Cherkashin

    Vlad CherkashinПре месец

    The evanescent continent molecularly own because latex practically jam alongside a steep berry. youthful, wicked chauffeur

  55. Splitz Shorts

    Splitz ShortsПре месец

    Fun fact: the storm is the meoteor

  56. Splitz Shorts

    Splitz ShortsПре месец

    Fun fact: a chicken is a relative of the trex not raptor (btw it’s velociraptor)

  57. Pania Boult

    Pania BoultПре месец

    Its a diplodoculous

  58. Alexandros Kanellos

    Alexandros KanellosПре месец

    So cool

  59. Twitch langley

    Twitch langleyПре месец

    The chicken is related to the t rex not raptor

  60. CarolinaRipper

    CarolinaRipperПре месец

    At least we know how the dinosaurs died.

  61. BerthaM8

    BerthaM8Пре месец

    Raptor fights ??? Get a bunch of raptors on different teams and let them fight?

  62. jin cakk

    jin cakkПре месец

    poor frog 😭

  63. Scott Evelius

    Scott EveliusПре месец

    Sypherpk said he could beat Lachlan in a 1v1

  64. Nick De Jong

    Nick De JongПре месец

    Fortnite stonks😂

  65. Study gamer

    Study gamerПре месец

    Wrong. A t-rex is the ancestor of a chicken, not a raptor

  66. Alexander Green

    Alexander GreenПре месец

    New video idea: Minecraft challenge: You have to wear the boxy skins and you can only use crafted items.

  67. Riot Gfire04

    Riot Gfire04Пре месец

    I hate the primal shotgun even if they nerfed the primal shotgun they only nerfed it one damage it is still OP

  68. BusyOtter

    BusyOtterПре месец

    Hey lachy can you please play fortnite with MrMeaola again

  69. Schweaty Balls

    Schweaty BallsПре месец

    The magnificent unshielded ethnically long because club chronologically fence excluding a strong reaction. same, tawdry larch

  70. Razor

    RazorПре месец

    The dinosaurs were removed because of a glitch APRIL FOOLS

  71. Ver9e Clan

    Ver9e ClanПре месец

    Its a dipudoculous

  72. T. Battugs

    T. BattugsПре месец

    I still missing ur minecraft videos

  73. xx_assassin_dark

    xx_assassin_darkПре месец

    Bruh you can’t ride dinosaurs and use creator code Lachy

  74. Thomas Churnjuti Combe

    Thomas Churnjuti CombeПре месец

    the raptors do 25 dps and you still doubt them

  75. Arctis Kai

    Arctis KaiПре месец

    Lachlan: maybe the males fight other males The raptors: Did you just assume my gender

  76. EXE_D1N0RUL3R

    EXE_D1N0RUL3RПре месец

    If you target an enemy the raptors will go where ever you marked

  77. Ben Thompson

    Ben ThompsonПре месец


  78. Penguin

    PenguinПре месец

    Very epic

  79. Penguin

    PenguinПре месец


  80. Penguin

    PenguinПре месец

    Hello I just saw that

  81. carl moog

    carl moogПре месец

    Thats why the dinosaurs extinct

  82. Fortnite Events

    Fortnite EventsПре месец

    999K VIEWS lol

  83. hyejin ahn

    hyejin ahnПре месец

    1 mill now

  84. Rens De Maertelaere

    Rens De MaertelaereПре месец

    Jou AR the best

  85. Hi Me Ellie Sun sucks at beatbeatdeandeanbeatbeat

    Hi Me Ellie Sun sucks at beatbeatdeandeanbeatbeatПре месец

    love how they made the lachlan skin a bot LOL.

  86. Akmal Redminote8

    Akmal Redminote8Пре месец

    Ahhhhh 😓😓 where's Minecraft 😥😥

  87. Darkman75

    Darkman75Пре месец

    I remember when he pokemon with ando

  88. MissThe OldDays

    MissThe OldDaysПре месец

    Day 1 of asking Lachlan to do a Minecraft series with the pack and all the og Minecraft players

  89. Oliver Mk

    Oliver MkПре месец

    4:10 this isn’t Pokémon sorry bro🙃

  90. Tahsan Zahid

    Tahsan ZahidПре месец

    Recycler is probably gonna be the only new weapon this season xD

  91. jaxen wourman

    jaxen wourmanПре месец

    Just switch back to minecraft or play a game other than fortnite

  92. The amazing football yea

    The amazing football yeaПре месец

    Dinosaurs are amazing in fortnite

  93. muffinzϟ

    muffinzϟПре месец

    day 1 of asking lachlan to 1v1

  94. Ibby

    IbbyПре месец

    hey lachlan do a challenge called the greeen arrow only and that mean you use the green arrow skin and bows only

  95. Sam Grainger

    Sam GraingerПре месец

    I saw u as an AI but someone killed u 😭

  96. Ops nj

    Ops njПре месец

    You're going through your thoughts with your own mom abou it seems

  97. Anindito Setiawan

    Anindito SetiawanПре месец

    Lachlan ! I miss you playing Pokemon Go. Pleaseee

  98. PBRJ

    PBRJПре месец

    Guys I have news...Epic is testing s7 and s8 which means this chapter could go to 10.



    hope added a t rex



    cant u just tame the wolves and the raptors

  101. LucidMurphy King wolf 907

    LucidMurphy King wolf 907Пре месец

    can you do a challenge when you only get kills whith raptors