*NEW* SEASON 6 BATTLEPASS In Fortnite (Lara Croft + More)

Today we fully unlock the Season 6 Battlepass!
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  1. kassim hussain

    kassim hussainПре сат

    Jackson Storm

  2. Jayce

    JayceПре 20 сати

    the one drummy is sad because it got a bite tooken out of it and the other one is happy, because it didn't get bitten.

  3. CallmeCornn

    CallmeCornnПре 8 дана

    OOOOOOH he said slurp bird, i thought he said something else

  4. RelentlessContract

    RelentlessContractПре 11 дана

    at the end of the season does your v bucks all go?

  5. W4ka

    W4kaПре 8 дана


  6. Dio Brando

    Dio BrandoПре 11 дана

    Fortnite is the one game that ruins everything

  7. seven molina

    seven molinaПре 24 дана

    1 month later I am watching this when I have the hole thing lol

  8. Slasher XZ

    Slasher XZПре 29 дана

    Next gaming legend series should be Steve and Alex from minecraft

  9. Dragon city fan

    Dragon city fanПре 29 дана

    Season 7 will be realeased in june 8th or june 9th

  10. NVX Lunax17

    NVX Lunax17Пре 29 дана

    How it is 1 month lol

  11. amelie gasper

    amelie gasperПре 29 дана

    can we all agree the best soundtrack is twist

  12. Sajid Javed

    Sajid JavedПре месец


  13. Sweaty Shinobi

    Sweaty ShinobiПре месец

    Imagine from the next season they release the lava series skins the slurp legends skins and the anime skins

  14. Ernesto Rodriguez Vargas

    Ernesto Rodriguez VargasПре месец

    Icon squad in season 6 pls

  15. Side-cooking2

    Side-cooking2Пре месец

    Man. I can’t believe all of us lost so much sleep that night just to see a new thing in this video game.

  16. arun kamalkar

    arun kamalkarПре 27 дана

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  17. Jaden Mensah

    Jaden MensahПре месец

    Come on we’ve had legendary emotes before think of predator young man

  18. Josip Grgincic

    Josip GrgincicПре месец

    why the frick is this guy buying skins if he knowes hes only gonna were his skin , whats the point of spending the v bucks ? ( im not trying to hate on him i just want him 2 spend his v bucks more carfully )

  19. Fortnite Sucks

    Fortnite SucksПре месец

    I’m thanos lol

  20. OG-Sweaty-King-E Boys

    OG-Sweaty-King-E BoysПре месец

    The raz skin is N30N

  21. i dont know so yeah

    i dont know so yeahПре месец

    this game is bad they copy ): that's why i stoped playing ): sorry epic game's ): but you copy and i HATE game's that copy but i still watch lachlan. (:

  22. Yanina Lopez

    Yanina LopezПре месец

    my user name is ajhailey but not ajhailey14 i supported you and subscribed

  23. RossKroft96

    RossKroft96Пре месец

    1:21 Oh ffs 🙄

  24. Cole Kent

    Cole KentПре месец

    i want a beast boy skin

  25. EMR4LDAN13L

    EMR4LDAN13LПре месец


  26. 139 Paras Sandbhor

    139 Paras SandbhorПре месец


  27. Erwin Molina

    Erwin MolinaПре месец

    . Hyuuuuji

  28. Trishana Sarma

    Trishana SarmaПре месец


  29. zacboy gaming

    zacboy gamingПре месец

    your The BEST creator EVER

  30. AC Shotguns

    AC ShotgunsПре месец


  31. RadiatedPizza Gaming

    RadiatedPizza GamingПре месец

    I think this is a skipp

  32. Shahbaz ahmed

    Shahbaz ahmedПре месец

    Hi good nice

  33. Cecilia Sparks

    Cecilia SparksПре месец

    The spicy gray intraoperatively glow because stranger historically prick aboard a vengeful war. comfortable, wiry plate

  34. Cecilia Sparks

    Cecilia SparksПре месец

    The well-groomed goldfish supply ban because touch likely tire above a mixed mercury. melodic, educated hardware

  35. billy boi o-o

    billy boi o-oПре месец


  36. Woof

    WoofПре месец

    I love having an emote called ‘Dream Stans’

  37. M Amaan

    M AmaanПре месец

    what lachlan needs now is a fashion show

  38. Bjp

    BjpПре месец

    I used your code PEACE

  39. Jordan 1176

    Jordan 1176Пре месец

    The battle pass isn’t worth it. In my opinion.

  40. space ship27

    space ship27Пре месец

    His face cam is different

  41. AJ Turnberry

    AJ TurnberryПре месец

    I got the season 6 battle pass

  42. alida flus

    alida flusПре месец

    Man, I didn’t think that I’d be awake this early just for some game😂

  43. Haafiz Shahard

    Haafiz ShahardПре месец

    Lachlan is probs the only person who listens to the music packs. Respect +100

  44. Epic Gam!ng

    Epic Gam!ngПре месец


  45. Best hobbies

    Best hobbiesПре месец

    I hate this fking season

  46. alida flus

    alida flusПре месец

    have found bones twice that’s it

  47. Yee T

    Yee TПре месец

    Jesus. Loves u

  48. Zak Brabetz

    Zak BrabetzПре месец

    Tarana reminds me of Mave from last season, chapter 2 season 5

  49. Anish Lomite

    Anish LomiteПре месец

    Doesn’t Lachlan seem less enthusiastic lately

  50. Jared Gardner

    Jared GardnerПре месец

    I just got this notification for the video even though I watched as soon as it came out?

  51. Homie ray Ray

    Homie ray RayПре месец

    insta dxddyray999

  52. garciam419

    garciam419Пре месец

    its cool i played it

  53. christopher rodriquez

    christopher rodriquezПре месец

    If I support you can you join my party

  54. dolita windo

    dolita windoПре месец

    i want them to add clementine from the walking dead game

  55. christopher rodriquez

    christopher rodriquezПре месец

    I'm subscribed to you so keys on my party

  56. dolita windo

    dolita windoПре месец


  57. Noreen Lobo

    Noreen LoboПре месец

    Who else watches his videos to see if the battle pass is worth it

  58. Sir Slaughter88

    Sir Slaughter88Пре месец

    How can you not know tomb raider was a game before the terrible movies?

  59. doire aintu

    doire aintuПре месец

    Lara is finally here and I couldn’t be happier 😊

  60. Johnathan Brown

    Johnathan BrownПре месец

    Lachlan add me on fortnite my name is Ninja

  61. Infamous Player

    Infamous PlayerПре месец

    Epic could work out all these deals and collab but they cant work it out apple and apologize

  62. doire aintu

    doire aintuПре месец

    Lara croft with Leviathan axe, no back bling will be my go to combo when I unlock it

  63. Alfie Philipson

    Alfie PhilipsonПре месец

    Hi lachlan

  64. Paul Saini

    Paul SainiПре месец

    I hate the crafting it’s honestly hard to find, and if I’m being quite honest it’s pretty worthless seeing as you need the bones to do anything and in the 20games that I’ve played I have found bones twice that’s it

  65. Paul Saini

    Paul SainiПре месец

    I just came back to fortnite a couple of days ago and it’s OK it’s not as good as it used to be but it’s not as bad as season 4 or season 5


    DAYVE CABRERAПре месец

    Hey lachlen have you give me the battle pass


    DAYVE CABRERAПре месец

    And when ever you give me the battle pass just tell me please


    DAYVE CABRERAПре месец

    Thank you lachlan


    DAYVE CABRERAПре месец

    Hello Lachlen im your big fan and i heard about the battle pass and im was wondering that if you could buy me the battle pass for me and all the way to tier 100 which i mean lv 100 so my name in fortnite is EXPREME315

  70. DJ Grey

    DJ GreyПре месец

    My user name is DJ_GREY_10

  71. owen Veihman

    owen VeihmanПре месец


  72. Babesicles

    BabesiclesПре месец

    i want them to add clementine from the walking dead game

  73. dolita windo

    dolita windoПре месец

    Anybody else cry a little when he said he thought Tomb Raider was a movie before it was a game 😂😂😂

  74. AimeeAimee KnuthKnuth

    AimeeAimee KnuthKnuthПре месец

    How cool does that look 2:25 we get our5,000𝗩𝗯ucks I only from : 𝐟𝐧𝐛𝐨𝐱.𝐮𝐬 👍 ପାଇଁ

  75. Switch 1K

    Switch 1KПре месец

    Where’s the new reactive facecam?

  76. dolita windo

    dolita windoПре месец

    Lol tarana now tarana sorous-rex

  77. blvckREIGN

    blvckREIGNПре месец

    Bro I’m a kid please don’t kick me out your fashion oh please locks what’s your name so I can put

  78. QRocks7

    QRocks7Пре месец

    This battle pass is kinda trash tbh

  79. DG Vlexyy

    DG VlexyyПре месец

    Lara croft with Leviathan axe, no back bling will be my go to combo when I unlock it

  80. Yee T

    Yee TПре месец

    Jesus loves. U

  81. Raven Relevo

    Raven RelevoПре месец

    i cant uy the battle pass:(

  82. Gamer wolf 3000

    Gamer wolf 3000Пре месец

    You have a lot of moneys

  83. Malka Akrabi

    Malka AkrabiПре месец

    Please gift me battle pass ur my best RSclubr

  84. Noah York

    Noah YorkПре месец

    I’m buying his skin next time it come out

  85. Shotta *

    Shotta *Пре месец

    battle pass was cheeks

  86. Jaxon Steffenhagen

    Jaxon SteffenhagenПре месец

    You're trash out fortnite kid

  87. flex 33

    flex 33Пре месец


  88. tailsfan1992

    tailsfan1992Пре месец

    Who cares

  89. Wyatt Reiff

    Wyatt ReiffПре месец

    Fortnite sucks

  90. Arnold February

    Arnold FebruaryПре месец

    Bruh lachy says that is a fat back bling bro it is flat what you talking about

  91. Arnold February

    Arnold FebruaryПре месец

    Raz now Razz the RSclub lol

  92. Arnold February

    Arnold FebruaryПре месец

    Lol tarana now tarana sorous-rex

  93. Top5Gaming 2

    Top5Gaming 2Пре месец

    Lachy can you accept my friend requests

  94. Almario Curri

    Almario CurriПре месец



    HAROON1H GAMINGПре месец

    Pls give me battle pass name haroon_1h

  96. Señoritas Top's

    Señoritas Top'sПре месец

    Die Kämpfe in Staffel 6 sind brutal

  97. Bubba Jojo

    Bubba JojoПре месец

    I'm tier 14 idk how there's people in front of me oh wait the challenges


    GUERAA XXПре месец

    I will always watch you for a battle pasa review

  99. Memory Music

    Memory MusicПре месец

    Bun Bun is my favorite skin I can't wait to use that easter back bling on him

  100. Brekke Gainey

    Brekke GaineyПре месец

    The cooperative quiver gergely sigh because forehead admittedly mark under a juicy nail. magnificent, dependent dashboard

  101. E. Seda

    E. SedaПре месец

    The skins remind me of the 100 show

  102. Sumo Is drippy

    Sumo Is drippyПре месец

    I will get the battle pass tomorrow when my dad gets paid

  103. Julius ceaser CEASER

    Julius ceaser CEASERПре месец

    I hate how I could’ve t get 100 this season all I wanted was the Roman soldier/galiator

  104. WONKY Animations

    WONKY AnimationsПре месец


  105. CHARLIE Playz

    CHARLIE PlayzПре месец

    Love your channel so much

  106. КГБ СССР

    КГБ СССРПре месец

    i was expecting a xenomorph skin and am disappointed

  107. l xu ma l

    l xu ma lПре месец

    It’s not good pass ;(

  108. Damian Ellnoir

    Damian EllnoirПре месец


  109. Ace Coding

    Ace CodingПре месец

    Nice Video Lachlan! :D