Naming *EVERY* Fortnite Skin I Eliminate? (Hard)

Today we put our Fortnite knowledge to the test. For this challenge, I can only eliminate skins that I can name!
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  1. Rob Stack

    Rob StackПре 16 сати

    Hi can you please respond

  2. Wesdagamer

    WesdagamerПре дан

    I bet he would call my skin spider knight and eliminate me when it is different it is the Rouge spider knight

  3. Emma Arnold

    Emma ArnoldПре 2 дана


  4. owen schutte

    owen schutteПре 2 дана

    there is only 769 skins

  5. Dominic Guzman

    Dominic GuzmanПре 2 дана

    Bro I’m the Aura

  6. Jayce

    JayceПре 3 дана

    it is so cringe when they shoot you while running.

  7. TfgcFishy

    TfgcFishyПре 6 дана


  8. the goated dog

    the goated dogПре 7 дана

    That is fresh


    CODIE M ZABLOCKIПре 9 дана

    Fun fact: we as a community have asked fresh 1000 times to so this challenge. So thank freshes community

  10. Jamie, Morgan, and Shanna

    Jamie, Morgan, and ShannaПре 9 дана


  11. Jamie, Morgan, and Shanna

    Jamie, Morgan, and ShannaПре 9 дана


  12. SAVAGE1 AH

    SAVAGE1 AHПре 9 дана

    Why you kill John wick my favorite movies why😢

  13. Noah Carico

    Noah CaricoПре 9 дана

    14:00 agent pelly spy pelly whatever pelly-Lachlan (wise words)

  14. Albert Reno

    Albert RenoПре 10 дана

    The last skin was called Dream and i literally knew it only because i got her in a fortnite card pack last week lol 😂

  15. Rambling Pump

    Rambling PumpПре 10 дана

    I love your videos

  16. Rambling Pump

    Rambling PumpПре 10 дана

    I love your videos

  17. Burning itup

    Burning itupПре 11 дана

    i was able to tell it was ghoul trooper cuz the socks

  18. Kobe Lackey

    Kobe LackeyПре 11 дана

    This just shows how far of fortnight has come

  19. Jamie, Morgan, and Shanna

    Jamie, Morgan, and ShannaПре 11 дана


  20. Jamie, Morgan, and Shanna

    Jamie, Morgan, and ShannaПре 12 дана

    Have your Mearch

  21. Rory Moss

    Rory MossПре 12 дана

    lachy: NOG OPS NOG OPS come here i know you me: that's knida creepy

  22. Ares_ GETRECKT

    Ares_ GETRECKTПре 12 дана

    Lachy when he names a skin right +500iq. When he gets one wrong -501iq then death

  23. GRsweatz10 and csaxon1987

    GRsweatz10 and csaxon1987Пре 12 дана


  24. aguibou barry

    aguibou barryПре 12 дана

    Who else watches ksi as well as Lachy

  25. lef yt

    lef ytПре 13 дана

    my name is popokakapipioeweo

  26. lef yt

    lef ytПре 13 дана

    can you pls ad me

  27. Rico Is cool

    Rico Is coolПре 13 дана

    Hey lachlan can you add me its beastmode970303

  28. Teddy Brown

    Teddy BrownПре 14 дана


  29. Patrick Babonich

    Patrick BabonichПре 15 дана

    Lachy :Oooooohhhh I forgot what it’s called Me :Dream

  30. Adee Isaac

    Adee IsaacПре 15 дана


  31. ACE BranAsh1

    ACE BranAsh1Пре 15 дана

    Lachy: Vee, Vi, Vae? Me: Fee, Fi, Fo, Fore

  32. Nolan Walker

    Nolan WalkerПре 16 дана

    "Ain't no reaper here, boy." Oh but wait Lachy, there's a Reaper skin AI on the map. At least in the previous season. Along with the current season.

  33. Legendary Pooka Bear

    Legendary Pooka BearПре 16 дана

    Red line

  34. nate boss

    nate bossПре 17 дана


  35. Travis Meechem

    Travis MeechemПре 19 дана

    GG'S iwas the aura

  36. Hunter Simpson

    Hunter SimpsonПре 19 дана

    Who else was yelling dream for that last guy

  37. Finny Gamez

    Finny GamezПре 19 дана

    Lachlan: I JUST WANT A SNIPER!! XD

  38. Yehia Fath

    Yehia FathПре 19 дана

    Spy peely agent peely whatever you want to call him peely -Lachy

  39. hannahguz33

    hannahguz33Пре 19 дана

    Lachlan and ara me:wow you broke Lachlan down

  40. KKhaotic

    KKhaoticПре 22 дана

    Imagine thinking u are good when you killed someone doing a damn challenge, couldn't be me.

  41. Jacqueline Paronish

    Jacqueline ParonishПре 22 дана


  42. Mr Mcawesome

    Mr McawesomeПре 22 дана

    Me wears red strike never sees skin Nani

  43. Sebasttian429 1der

    Sebasttian429 1derПре 22 дана

    Most of the skins he couldn’t name where skins that where mostly unpopular or forgotten

  44. Jaš Bitenc

    Jaš BitencПре 23 дана

    I have red jade

  45. Sonny Benjamin

    Sonny BenjaminПре 23 дана

    i love youyour vids im in school

  46. Nick Romero

    Nick RomeroПре 25 дана

    He should have worn mystique so he could confirm if he got the skin right after he killed them

  47. vid of hockey Douthwright

    vid of hockey DouthwrightПре 27 дана


  48. Evelyn Radford

    Evelyn RadfordПре 28 дана


  49. Gurjit Singh

    Gurjit SinghПре 29 дана

    You killed the metal team leader

  50. Brayden Proctor

    Brayden ProctorПре месец

    there are 797 in fortnite

  51. Aiden Richards

    Aiden RichardsПре месец

    I did

  52. Aiden Richards

    Aiden RichardsПре месец


  53. Glitch Wolf

    Glitch WolfПре месец

    At 12:17 you can see in the kill feed that the auras username is corona virus

  54. Colton Wold

    Colton WoldПре месец

    The one you mistook for crystal (came out with butterfly) is actually called dream.

  55. Aquirr

    AquirrПре месец


  56. Anthraxx

    AnthraxxПре месец

    3:02 Lachlan Turns French

  57. Umi Sid

    Umi SidПре месец

    Me when the teacher gives extra homework: 13:07

  58. noob_gaming

    noob_gamingПре месец

    jonsey TFUE

  59. Doodle Artist

    Doodle ArtistПре месец

    Lachlan: Oh my God, Back to back Headshots Controller players: I double head dinked him

  60. TedTV 01

    TedTV 01Пре месец


  61. Jeff Raab

    Jeff RaabПре месец

    Red line lauchlan

  62. Justin Plummer

    Justin PlummerПре месец


  63. Justin Plummer

    Justin PlummerПре месец


  64. Tariq Qawasmi

    Tariq QawasmiПре месец

    This could be a good for an eye test

  65. Steve Tales

    Steve TalesПре месец

    the last person is dream

  66. Async_ Bruins ツ

    Async_ Bruins ツПре месец

    12:15 look at the dudes name in the death chat lmao

  67. Zxro_Grxvity

    Zxro_GrxvityПре месец

    I am sure that Lachy has gotten used to losing

  68. Patrick uity

    Patrick uityПре месец

    Me when i dont know the skin:googles it RSclubrs:searches in the locker

  69. Faze arc

    Faze arcПре месец

    :Lachlan I will name all skins I find :Lachlan finds regular boy default :Lachlan Uh uh DEFAULT

  70. Stephen pereira

    Stephen pereiraПре месец

    This is cursed

  71. Stephen pereira

    Stephen pereiraПре месец


  72. Gribel Shorts

    Gribel ShortsПре месец


  73. Roderick bailey

    Roderick baileyПре месец

    Do guess the season there from

  74. Icecreamkitty99

    Icecreamkitty99Пре месец

    The purple one with the flower was dream

  75. Icecreamkitty99

    Icecreamkitty99Пре месец

    The Purple one was dream lachy

  76. Icecreamkitty99

    Icecreamkitty99Пре месец


  77. Legos4 Life

    Legos4 LifeПре месец

    That music in the third round may be have pure nostalgia

  78. Angelo GN

    Angelo GNПре месец


  79. epic kids987

    epic kids987Пре месец

    Did he name the skin he eliminated in the storm a month after or not??

  80. Kimmy Richter

    Kimmy RichterПре месец

    Cheater you bot you killed him

  81. GL Ash

    GL AshПре месец

    "whatever you call him peely" -Lachlen

  82. Jason

    JasonПре месец

    Lachlan also peely is based off a RSclubr called tabor hill epic games emailed him and said can we put you logo as a skin in the game so call peely tabor also it’s sad they don’t give him credit

  83. Hunndo 2x

    Hunndo 2xПре месец

    Part 2.??????

  84. Phaser Gamer

    Phaser GamerПре месец

    Use code x2twins

  85. Hot Potato

    Hot PotatoПре месец

    When Lachlan died to the RedLine skin because he didn’t know what the name was, I was screaming at the top of my lungs “REDLINE IT’S REDLINE!”

  86. yt Krypp

    yt KryppПре 20 дана

    bruh same

  87. Zack Whitman

    Zack WhitmanПре 27 дана

    Haha so fake it’s thug plays profile pick and name. Is typical gamer.

  88. M o n k e

    M o n k eПре 28 дана

    I liked ur comment tho

  89. M o n k e

    M o n k eПре 28 дана

    I can tell because his name on that channel is TG Plays

  90. M o n k e

    M o n k eПре 28 дана


  91. Spyros Patou

    Spyros PatouПре месец

    ffs for the default

  92. Corey Guest

    Corey GuestПре месец

    It was red line

  93. Hans Hansen

    Hans HansenПре месец

    The frozen fish stick his name was korona virus🤣

  94. Safeguard Auto Salon

    Safeguard Auto SalonПре месец

    Vi vi. Vi vio ivviviiv

  95. Amanuel

    AmanuelПре месец

    Use code Lachy and you will edit faster than macros and have Aimbot

  96. SilverGhost

    SilverGhostПре месец

    good vid

  97. Derek L Christensen ll

    Derek L Christensen llПре месец

    the bear was bundles

  98. Tatiana Crowell

    Tatiana CrowellПре месец

    in the last game the skin was dream by the way. lol

  99. Colex

    ColexПре месец

    Her name is dream

  100. great-squirrl9 yt

    great-squirrl9 ytПре месец

    I just remembered it's hardd from jarvis lol

  101. zack Bisch

    zack BischПре месец

    Did you ever say the wrong name

  102. Meme God

    Meme GodПре месец

    Lachlan is pogies

  103. Luv_waffles89

    Luv_waffles89Пре месец

    Little kids In Comments: He CoPiEd FrEsH!

  104. Luv_waffles89

    Luv_waffles89Пре месец

    @Jason lol I didn't know that 😁👍

  105. Jason

    JasonПре месец

    Fresh took the idea from his comment section and the comment section copied it from a comment from tabor hills video so yeah

  106. SnipX

    SnipXПре месец

    If you pause at 10:10 wat is that lighting bolt

  107. SnipX

    SnipXПре месец

    If you pause and go to 7:59 it was storm the skin lachy

  108. Coop Army

    Coop ArmyПре месец

    When he said he was bad he made me feel bad because I’m worse