Records are made to be broken. Today I got my first 40 bomb in Fortnite!
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  1. Smita sachdeva

    Smita sachdevaПре 3 сата

    Great 👍

  2. PHMP L1Btw

    PHMP L1BtwПре 5 сати

    Well done

  3. / Hacker

    / HackerПре 22 сата

    The rapid fire smg tho

  4. Mario Estrada

    Mario EstradaПре дан

    Lachlan give me aimbot Jarvis ok the code is

  5. Aden Brunaugh

    Aden BrunaughПре 3 дана

    I watched this in school!

  6. Emma Arnold

    Emma ArnoldПре 3 дана

    My name is JDABoss Lachlan please friend me

  7. Not Loziq

    Not LoziqПре 3 дана

    Since you and the lobby had 5 lives soooooo... 40 ÷ 5 = 8 so he kinda got 8 kills Math Nevers Lies - NerdBoy638

  8. green tea

    green teaПре 4 дана

    Lachlan is now GOKU

  9. Abdul Hoque

    Abdul HoqueПре 5 дана

    Pls give me. Aimbot

  10. d1eg0vibes

    d1eg0vibesПре 6 дана


  11. Ryley parkes

    Ryley parkesПре 7 дана

    I won a comeback game with ur skin:)

  12. Lucca Vicente

    Lucca VicenteПре 8 дана

    What about in season 4 that shadow midas was there and you got a 40Bomb

  13. SxtansGirl

    SxtansGirlПре 9 дана


  14. Kamila Kamila

    Kamila KamilaПре 10 дана

    Can you please teach me

  15. Jaka Duh

    Jaka DuhПре 11 дана

    no 42 bomb

  16. #S Ber

    #S BerПре 12 дана

    Be had 46 kills in fortnitemares

  17. X3

    X3Пре 12 дана

    Can you add me name mr99ok

  18. X3

    X3Пре 12 дана

    Yo Lachy I sub and liked and and used code lachy I love your video

  19. sanghee ye

    sanghee yeПре 13 дана

    Lachlan: *gets 40 bomb* X2 twins: *gets 88 kills* Lachlan: bruh ._.

  20. Gavin Wolf

    Gavin WolfПре 13 дана

    I’ve been watching since the og days of season 3

  21. TJ The Toad

    TJ The ToadПре 13 дана

    Lachy : I’m just cracking everybody but not getting any kills Me: You already have 35

  22. David Curtis

    David CurtisПре 14 дана

    But can you hit 40 in a pub game?

  23. Hruhan Arora

    Hruhan AroraПре 15 дана


  24. SILLYpickle

    SILLYpickleПре 16 дана

    sigh not a real forty bomb again achy has clickbaited me.

  25. Infinite E-sports

    Infinite E-sportsПре 16 дана

    Lachlan’s best thumbnail: here

  26. Kasey townson

    Kasey townsonПре 17 дана

    I loved the vid m8

  27. muhammad adam

    muhammad adamПре 17 дана

    My best is 22 as I am not as good as you

  28. F.N.O. CLIPZ

    F.N.O. CLIPZПре 17 дана

    Wow you haven't even got 100 yet

  29. Chase Ruble

    Chase RubleПре 17 дана

    Lachlan you should play minecraft again

  30. DARULEZ داروليز

    DARULEZ داروليزПре 19 дана

    استغفر الله العظيم

  31. Sofo0

    Sofo0Пре 22 дана

    I love the thumbnail❤️


    DARK HARTED CLANПре 22 дана

    That thumbnail should be a edit style

  33. Stella Hartigan

    Stella HartiganПре 23 дана

    One Day can i play Fortnite with you please ? 🥺

  34. Fox 707

    Fox 707Пре 24 дана


  35. Laser joe Fortnite

    Laser joe FortniteПре 26 дана

    Bruh how does this count you RESPAWN

  36. Silv xd

    Silv xdПре 26 дана

    3:48 the pump model was so broken when it came out the chest 😐📸

  37. Ryan Lynch

    Ryan LynchПре 26 дана

    Wow you got 42 kills in a game that you could respawn

  38. Jenni Rahunen

    Jenni RahunenПре 27 дана

    You are a pro player

  39. Beth Bailey

    Beth BaileyПре 27 дана

    Lachy has had one before

  40. Matthew Moir

    Matthew MoirПре 28 дана

    lachy:im just cracking everyone and not getting any kills :also lachy:40 kills

  41. Tammi Lal

    Tammi LalПре 28 дана

    its over 9000000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Tammi Lal

    Tammi LalПре 28 дана


  43. Mason Chastain

    Mason ChastainПре 28 дана

    gg lachlan

  44. tugra ılıcan vsvs

    tugra ılıcan vsvsПре 28 дана


  45. elliotnewbs Tick acc

    elliotnewbs Tick accПре 28 дана

    Lachlan fav words Poggers PoggersSss Poggerssssssssss

  46. Gamer Dog123

    Gamer Dog123Пре 28 дана

    Lachlan sings a part of McCreamy's song fortnite's kinda dyin 0:34

  47. Dakota Hurst

    Dakota HurstПре 29 дана

    I got 43 kills in silos and I’m on switch and I’m a kid

  48. Chelsea Humble

    Chelsea HumbleПре 29 дана

    Such a good person

  49. Bilal Shokeir

    Bilal ShokeirПре 29 дана

    Carefree-slang7 and its littttt 🔥

  50. Jags

    JagsПре 29 дана

    If u join then u r pog ⚡️

  51. Epic Gaming Doge

    Epic Gaming DogeПре 29 дана

    ok at the start of the video the pistol was SHREDDING THOSE SKINS

  52. Last Honor

    Last HonorПре месец

    I won this gamemode with only common untill the end I got green and then won

  53. irene zamudio

    irene zamudioПре месец

    For me I. Pro 100 I get 104

  54. Galaxy Ruby

    Galaxy RubyПре месец

    Hi lachy plz can I join PWR

  55. Brandon Manginelli

    Brandon ManginelliПре месец

    Imagine having to play a gamemode with respawns to get kills. LACHY QUIT YT U SUCK

  56. Onyx _

    Onyx _Пре 25 дана

    Bro don’t be toxic towards to him

  57. Gonzalo Perez Martin

    Gonzalo Perez MartinПре месец

    The rapid fire smg is my favourite submachinegun too

  58. Sten Lamo

    Sten LamoПре месец

    If 40 bomb then 80 is a nuke

  59. Leros Player

    Leros PlayerПре месец

    This Video was published one month ago

  60. Funny among us Lol

    Funny among us LolПре месец

    Lachlan you deserve a sub from me

  61. Lujan 2007

    Lujan 2007Пре месец

    My highest kill game was a 27 kill Vic roy!

  62. Snoof

    SnoofПре месец

    I was eating a strawberry while watching this

  63. Penguin Gamer boi

    Penguin Gamer boiПре месец


  64. Bence Present

    Bence PresentПре месец

    u so faking bad

  65. TheOneEye AndTheOnlyEye

    TheOneEye AndTheOnlyEyeПре месец

    I dropped 35 bomb in solo duos and he got 40 in comeback🤣🤣

  66. TheOneEye AndTheOnlyEye

    TheOneEye AndTheOnlyEyeПре месец

    @Nikki Holdmeier I did 🤣

  67. Nikki Holdmeier

    Nikki HoldmeierПре месец

    No you didn't

  68. Lotyaly Lethal

    Lotyaly LethalПре месец

    Anyone else notice his facecam changed color depending on his rari

  69. Mouldy Bread

    Mouldy BreadПре месец

    haha lachy go brr

  70. Frostyy 4k

    Frostyy 4kПре месец

    Actually a 42 Bomb

  71. Frostyy 4k

    Frostyy 4kПре месец

    *When you kill me 3 TIMES MAN*

  72. Angel Gomez-Gonzalez

    Angel Gomez-GonzalezПре месец

    Lachlan went super saiyan

  73. Henry Stickman

    Henry StickmanПре месец

    Well you did beat my record from the dance boogie from chapter one season six

  74. Michael Hernandez

    Michael HernandezПре месец

    3:05 tf did I see with the pistol

  75. Ivaneon 21

    Ivaneon 21Пре месец

    I’m from Russia, sorry for mistakes! Lachlan, there was good, when your chromocey color was the gun’s color. Understand ???

  76. Mauro X

    Mauro XПре месец

    Hi lightnin bolt

  77. Ian Hedge

    Ian HedgeПре месец


  78. Alexander Zhang

    Alexander ZhangПре месец

    does anyone notice that lachy is naruto but maybe he is ssj goku ok im an anime nerd.

  79. T4ze Drizz

    T4ze DrizzПре месец

    Imagine if it was a 1v1 both of you are on gold and you traded who would win.

  80. Nikki Holdmeier

    Nikki HoldmeierПре месец

    Who would have faster ping

  81. :D ‘

    :D ‘Пре месец

    Mans just went ssjbke

  82. Jay

    JayПре месец

    They should add 6 lives because mythic weapons

  83. Ponçikgamer

    PonçikgamerПре месец


  84. Yousof Almghari

    Yousof AlmghariПре месец

    Lachy just went ultra instinct



    Hello lachy

  86. aguibou barry

    aguibou barryПре месец

    Drum gun he got 46 kills

  87. Wyatt Poplawski

    Wyatt PoplawskiПре месец

    i was the last one

  88. Wyatt Poplawski

    Wyatt PoplawskiПре месец


  89. Gacha miracle

    Gacha miracleПре месец

    I love Lachlan and he has got so sweaty 🥵 over lockdown

  90. Firestorm And spark

    Firestorm And sparkПре месец

    Surprised he didn’t get the 40 during the shadow Midas event

  91. Brandon crouch

    Brandon crouchПре месец

    O ping 🤣

  92. Cook with Amber

    Cook with AmberПре месец

    I'm using lachy bc ur vids are amazing and ur a season 1 player soo I will respect you

  93. Alexandra Moschou

    Alexandra MoschouПре месец

    Lachy ur most kills ever is 46

  94. Liam Watters

    Liam WattersПре месец

    Lachlan makes the best videos

  95. 6jrat Roblox

    6jrat RobloxПре месец

    That a lot of kills

  96. Frostyz LF

    Frostyz LFПре месец

    How is there 4 people left and when he kills someone it's still 4 people left 8:22

  97. GodAndJesus Belive

    GodAndJesus BeliveПре месец


  98. Banana Boy

    Banana BoyПре месец


  99. Xd Tossing

    Xd TossingПре месец

    The thumbnail bourto?

  100. RK Swifty

    RK SwiftyПре месец


  101. Marco D.

    Marco D.Пре месец

    U got 45 kills with the ghost Midas drumgun

  102. Kaaangs

    KaaangsПре месец


  103. Patrick Armstrong

    Patrick ArmstrongПре месец

    My high is 31

  104. CetixFN

    CetixFNПре месец

    You are soooooooo9в>> =god in Fortniite not so god

  105. CetixFN

    CetixFNПре месец

    You not bad you not bad god god

  106. CetixFN

    CetixFNПре месец

    Can you speek german

  107. Nadia Sl

    Nadia SlПре месец

    Who remebes lachy dachy r.i.p old fortnite